horrible experience on iPhone 5 launch day


long story short, waitied 3 hours in line, was 7th person to buy the iPhone at a verizon store here in walnut creek, CA.

when the 2 reps came up to me with a paper for my information, and model and all that, I said im just buying the phone outright.

I was then informed they were not selling retail phones, only new customers and upgrades. WHAT?! Liars! Your gonna sign up a new customer before me? What a crock!

After explaining that it said to visit a store in person to buy outright, they then told me they "will see what they can do".

thats problem 1.

problem 2? When asked why I was buying the phone for retail, and explaining I wanted to retain my unlimited data,

they were almost strong arming me into upgrading and switching to a mobile share plan. After i said I wasnt interested,

they didnt relent. They asked if I knew how much data I actually used per month. I said i didnt care. They then checked for me

on thier iPad and asked why I wanted to keep it only using so much data/month. I told them its none of thier business and Im

STILL NOT INTERESTED. Again, they said they might not sell me a phone. I understand you guys are all about money, but you guys are also liars, and pathetic. -=

After waiting since 5AM, i was a bit pissed off when I finally got in the store and no other of the 30+ employees knew anything. Even what I

assumed to be a big wig of the company asked if things were ok, I explained the situation and she didn't know anything. FRUSTRATING.

Finally I was told I can purchase at retail if they opened my box and activated in the store. UM, DUHHHH, why wouldnt I?

Followed by the mandatory case presenting at the register, it was all just asenine and rediculous. No one did thier homework and it was

just a lame experience. Surprised that with all the bad press VZW has gotten, they haven't upped their personal interfacing skills.

Sorry for the choppy nature of this post, its a lot to convey in such a short presentation.

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Re: horrible experience on iPhone 5 launch day


elmnt925 wrote:

No one did thier homework

you are correct.


Re: horrible experience on iPhone 5 launch day



after filling out a short survey yesterday, i received a phone call about ten minutes ago acknowledging my poor experience. The gentleman just apologized and offered something, i think it was discount accessories? i dont know, i wasnt really listening. but ultimately, nothing was or will be done about it and i just chalked it up to them being Verizon. Hell, a free month of service would of made me a happy camper, not some half hazzard attempt at an apology. Then he proceeded to say Apple likes control on devices and doesn't make money off the device if sold retail. Um news flash, Verizon bought the phone at retail, subsidizes it and makes even more money of people in 2 year contracts. Verizon makes no money off retail phone, Apple does. So i dont know why he brought that up. was obviously not true. So whatever. I told him Verizons about making money, and theres nothing wrong with that, just dont screw the customers on your way to the top.