disappointed in service..ready to walk away!!!


I currently have 3 lines with verizon. One line isn't used anymore and hasn't been used since i opened it in 2011. I tried today to get it removed from plan and it seems that no matter what i will have to pay the ETF Smiley Sad. 2 of my lines are month to month and i'm tempted just to ditch the 2 lines and pay for the last line till it's end. I can get cheaper service and still save money by switching and paying the most basic service for the one line. I have been with verizon for a long time and I really like there coverage but it seems like they should want to do more to keep customers. they would make more money keeping me on as a customer with 2 lines then losing me all together. I guess this doesn't matter

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Re: disappointed in service..ready to walk away!!!

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You see its a matter of business.

Your other two lines are month to month, so you can port them out at anytime. Now being Verizon if your third line still is under contract you either pay the ETF and leave and they make money. If you get a waiver the odds are you will port all three line out. You see they don't want to chance it. The math makes no difference to them.

Think about it.

Good Luck


Re: disappointed in service..ready to walk away!!!


It sounds like you might have been using the third line to purchase new phones for the other two lines without affecting the contract date on the active lines.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.