credit pending since December - how do I get this resolved??

On December 16, 2014 a billing error was found and in order to resolve it a customer service rep re-rated  the data portion of my bill.  Because the credit was over the rep's limit it had to be approved by a supervisor. That credit has been sitting in that supervisor's queue since December, and still hasn't been approved or appeared on my bill. And because I've paid the amount due, minus the pending credit these last three months (at the urging of customer service reps) I've incurred a late fee every month.

This is the second attempt to get help using this forum.  I also called customer service on March 7 (my third call about this issue) and spent a half hour with a rep who **promised** she'd get a supervisor to call me back the same day.  Guess what?  Two and a half days later and no call or text from Verizon.

Whatever happened to First Call Resolution?  Very dissapointed in VZW customer service.  Isn't there ONE supervisor there willing to take the hit and issue this credit?

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