cant answer/pick up incoming calls


Im getting real tired of this verizon. Going on 10 months plus now. I had a samsung galaxy s7 phone. about 9 to 10 months ago yall did an update to yalls system. my phone did an update. ever since then i cant always answer calls. i can puch the red button and it acts llike i can answer on my end but on the other persons end it just rings and rings wont even go to vcm for them and i cant hang it up on my end. i have to wait until the other person hangs up. tried resetting phone, tried turning phone off and back on, tried resetting phone several times again. dosent do it all the time. tried resetting network settings nothing has helped. did a factory reset and still does it. so i finally got agitated enough i got another phone. i now have iphone 6s. verizon just put my sim card from my samsung phone into the iphone 6s. cool all fixed for about 2 days. then samething AGAIN.... someone would call in again.... i couldnt answer. i can push red button call screen shows up on my end like its answered the call. the other person on the other end just hears ringing and ringing. i cant hear them. again i cant hang it up. and they just hear nothing but ringing. does not go to vcm. so i went back to verizon and had them put in new sim card into my iphone 6s. i all of a sudden got 15 vcms that i had never recieved all the way from back 8 months. and phone worked for about 2 weeks. verizon did another update a week ago and my phone updated...NOW ITS HAPPENING AGAIN.... back to the same thing. Im sick of this verizon. im missing calls and very important calls. i have now switched phones and sim cards and done resets and done network resets and factory resets.... THIS IS YALLS PROBLEM ON YALLS END. I see a bunch messages on this community forum of the same thing happening to a bunch of your customers with all different phones and people are trying everything. Your starting to loose customers over this. This has gone on long enough. I have been with yall for at least 15 years plus. If you cant get your problems fixed to where i can properly receive calls and service that i pay monthly for i will switch and you will loose a long lasting customer. GET THIS FIXED WITH YOUR SYSTEM


Re: cant answer/pick up incoming calls

Customer Service Rep

Djones3013, I am heartbroken to hear of all the troubles you have had trying to answer calls on your phone. We appreciate your 15+ years with us and I want to get this fixed as quickly as possible. When you switched from the Android to the iPhone did you do a content transfer, if so what was the process? Was there a factory reset done on your phone after the new SIM was installed?