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a few questions

I would really like to be able to email someone to discuss some changes I want possibly make to my plan, but can't find an email contact anywhere, I don't have the time to devote to a chat session. Why is it so hard to send Verizon an email? I would appreciate it if someone could contact me.

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Re: a few questions
Sr. Leader

One look at your spam folder and you should know why they don't use email.

You can call *611 from your mobile to ask about your plan.

If you want to verify its accuracy, you can bring the information to the forum afterwards.

Re: a few questions
Sr. Leader

The forum has lots of folks who know the current and past plans quite well.  Tell us what plan you have now, how many lines, etc, and what changes you are contemplating and why.

We can help you figure out your best options. The reps are there to help Verizon's bottom line. We are customers, like you, and concerned about OUR bottom line!