Worst in store service experience ever


I went into the verizon store in williston vermont tonight(Real Store not authorized reseller).  Walked in put name on list told girl I had questions about 50% off trade in offer on Note 8.

When my turn came,  she took my info, looked up my account info, I told her I was currently on contract and had an upgrade available.  She said well the phone would be 20/mo after trade.  I asked how that worked since I had an upgrade offer for 449 to re-up contract.  She said "we don't do contracts at verizon anymore".  I explained she could look at my account and see I was on contract and had an upgrade.  "We don't do contracts, you're not on contract.  You'll be on a device payment plan after you pay 480 and trade in device." 

So I asked does thins mean I need to pay off the rest of my contract?I have 9 months left.

Again "You're not on contract, we don't have those". 

I asked her to please look at my account again and explain the contract end date obviously sitting there.  At this point she through her arms up, said "Never mind" and actually turned around and stormed off leaving me standing in the store.  I promptly left and called the store manager, who pretended to know nothing.

I proceeded to go to best buy where the rep there explained that the trade in was only for device payment.  Why I can get that on monthly payment but not on upgrade or on outright purchase makes no sense.

If you're Reps are not trained well enough to understand your crazy pricing plan options, how do you expect us too.  I will never go back to that store again and at this point am ready to move to ATT.

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