Worst customer service in the business?


I recently purchased an iPhone 5s, screen protector and Mophie case, along with extending my contract an additional 2 years.  My bill came to $489, which included the $30 upgrade charge. 

A bit of background on my account:  I've been a Verizon customer for 10 years.  For the past 2 years, my monthly bill has ranged from $1400 - $2500.  I pay my bills on time through automatic debit.  By anyone's standards, I would think I am a really good customer.

This said, why is it I'm subject to a $30 upgrade fee, despite having paid over $40,000 in usage charges in the last two years?  When I asked the associate, I was told, "well you can purchase the phone from the apple store and have the $30 billed to you if you can't pay today."  Pretty insulting. 

Not only was I upset over the $30 charge, but the associate put my cover on crooked with an airpocket, and when I asked him to fix it, said that the air pocket usually works itself out in 24-48 hours.  Its still there, a week later. 

The icing on the cake is while I was downloading all of my apps, the associate turned off my wifi.  When I asked if I could finish downloading to ensure there are no issues, he told me that the internet is unlimited and that I would use a lot of data, and it would be better if I did it from home.  Remember, >$40,000 in two years, and a $489 in store purchase that day, but I can't use the store internet after he swiped my card.

I can't wait to take my revenue to Tmobile  and become atmobile_convert tmobileconvert

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Re: Worst customer service in the business?

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You balk at paying $30 for an iPhone that was 1/3 or less on purchase.

And you claim paying all this money $40,000.00 and yet balk at getting a device at 67% off. And yet I walk into the store and I have been with verizon when they were bell Atlantic and I payed the $800 full price not once but twice for both my iPhones

Just pay the fee you got a bargain.

Good Luck


Re: Worst customer service in the business?


You can avoid the $30 upgrade fee by buying the device at full retail or utilizing the Edge program.

That;s the way it is now and that's how all of the carriers operate.