Why is Verizon trading short term profits for long term losses


I am sad to learn that Verizon is doing this.  I understand business and the need to make a profit, but at the expense of your customers?  Really?  This is so short sited and very disappointing.  There is no doubt it will cost you in the end and your shareholders as people switch to other carriers.  Take a look at your statistics. I am confident that they will show a decline as your customer service levels continue to decline and prices continue to increase.  Go ahead...see where these idiotic decisions certainly by someone desiring to line his own pockets....get you.  by the time it happens that individual decision-maker will be long gone and Verizon will suffer as a result.  CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

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Re: Why is Verizon trading short term profits for long term losses

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Actually if you google search Verizon Wireless has surpassed themselves in subscriber base.

Also took awards for best network, best overall customer satisfaction and support

You have to realize the number of complaints here on the forum is miniscule compared to subscriber base of 110 million plus.

But your point is well taken. And who knows maybe someday?

Good Luck