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Why doesn't Visual Voice Mail update over my network extender?

Ever since I upgraded to basic visual voice mail from basic voicemail, the app tells me it cannot update, try again later.  What's the use of vvm if I can't see if there's a new message?

A little background: I live in a metal building, so there's zero signal in here, even with a verizon tower a couple miles away.  I purchased a network extender before the new 4g ones came out, so it's 3g only in here. 

Could that be the problem?  Why would they limit vvm updates to 4g connections?  Maybe if they had 4g everywhere, but that's not the case.  I shouldn't need to go outside in order to check if I have new messages.

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Re: Why doesn't Visual Voice Mail update over my network extender?
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Being able to use and access voicemail is definitely very important and we will work to address this issue for you. In order to use the Visual Voicemail service you definitely don't have to be in a 4G area but the device does have to have a signal of at least 3G. When you are trying to access the voicemail does your phone show 1X at all? I do understand that you are having some issues with signal in that area and this could also be apart of that as well.

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Re: Why doesn't Visual Voice Mail update over my network extender?

Verizon is very aware that none of their customers can get their visual voice mail when they are working through a Verizon network extender.  If a customer calls in about the problem, Verizon tech support will claim that this is the first time they have heard of it and waste the customer's time going through all kinds of senseless steps.  They will then create a ticket for the case and follow-up by closing the ticket without ever communicating with the customer.  This has happened thousands of times to Verizon customers and Verizon is not doing anything to change their handling of the problem they created.  Verizon has also intentionally blocked Google voice mail from functioning so customers cannot substitute it and solve the problem.  Verizon recently dropped their broken out charge for visual voice mail and just added it to the basic service cost so that they couldn't get sued for charging for a service that they were blocking for all of their customers whom they sold a network extender to.

I would encourage other Verizon customers to let Verizon know this is not acceptable.  If all of Verizon's customers who were forced to pay for a network extender due to poor Verizon tower coverage, let Verizon know that they need to correct this problem, they will be forced to take action.

I would like to see Verizon try and honestly answer this.  Just to be clear, honesty does not consist of making up a bunch of lies or false promises.