Why are we getting Charged for gigabytes ?


Why is it that all line providers don't charge for Internet Usage ?   Well In Gigs,  Seems all wireless providers charge you gigabytes for  EXTRA money,  Its not right that We have to  pay extra for a service we already pay a Pretty Penny for.  Don't get my wrong I like Verizon It is the only Provider in my area seems We are out in the Weeds,    They need to quit that crap it already costs us enough, and other hardwire Providers let you use as much Bandwidth as You like, If some are using a Big Amount, then Sure Charge them but to Use Only 10 Gigabytes Per Month When Everything we own Now Uses the Internet is Just Plain Crazy I have Directv if I want to play an On Demand Program its going to cost me Bandwidth which is going to cost me money. Just between Verizon And Directv My Bill is 300.00 Per Month,  And I can't even Use my On Demand, Because Just with the Basic Usage I do now Which may I say isn't Much at all Normal every day Stuff , I almost Use all my Gigs Per Month, I am usually about a Half Gig  Under. It Uses Fiber Optics for Verizon 4G LTE and Fiber is Much more User Friendly and take much less then Hard Line,  So why are we Paying so much for this same service.

     Think about what is going to happen with our Hard Line soon if the keep this up we will be paying for that I know Nobody wants that to happen but if this keeps up we will be !    Verizon, ATT, Sprint, and every other Wireless Providers need to Get with it,  Seems once the get your money and charge something they Never Ever give Us a Break,  Gee Whiz Wouldn't it be nice if  They Just Quit with the EXTRA and be the Frist wireless Provider to give Us Unlimited Bandwidth, After all its not 3g anymore and its much more than that.   Its a Service they have That's has Advanced " Got Better"  Which in Turn We should See. But it never happens.  Its Like I say once the get that Payment or EXTRA Money Its income,  Its like the Gas Prices,  you notice even though we had a Surplus the Price Never Went down its over 4.00 dollars a Gallon, Crazy and once they  see everyone paying more the Holiday coming they Raise the Price, WEEEEEEE its that easy.  I Think its a Scam and don't like it,   Q.  If everyone Stayed Home for the 4th of July Didn't Drive didn't go anywhere but Get to Know Your Neighbors and get to know everyone around you would that Put Us The People In a good Position and show Our Government we are going to stand up and be Heard ?     I don't know its just a thought. but If our Forefathers Knew what was going on they would be rolling in there grave.  We Came here to be Free from everything that is happening now,  We need to stand up and Fight for our Rights.

   Sorry about that it just erks me all these People taking every penny they can Milk out of Us. I remember Before G. Bush took over the Nation, When B Clinton Was in, It seemed everyone in the world Liked us, and talked nice to us, But know every time you find someone on the Net from another Country they seem to Hate Us, They Call Us Names Say we are bad People,  I just ask them why they think we are bad and they say we stick our Noses in everything we shouldn't be sticking out nose into.  I just tell them not all Americans do not like what is going on either so Please don't hate us.  Most of us in the United States Think of Peace world Peace.   Peace Out ,  have a Happy 4th of July no matter what your doing Smiley Happy

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