Where did all the customer service go?


Did it fly out a window? Was it stolen? Better yet, is Verizon Wireless firing any rep who can resolve a customer's issues andreplacing them with lazy, rude, pretentious, pompous, and poorly trained individuals? I want to know: How many tier 1 reps haveseen a Blackberry Storm, much less played with one? Why is it when I call in regarding my phone I get treated like: 1) I have noclue what I am talking about and / or 2) I am crazy? I called in about a month ago saying my blackberry could not acquire thelicenses for the music I was purchasing on V-Cast. I was told that the songs were not available, and that I was wrong to suspectmy phone. I got pretty angry and asked to speak to a supervisor, because I knew for a fact this was a phone issue and not aV-Cast issue as I was able to purchase the same songs one the Storm I had before I FRUed it out. She would not credit themusic or make a follow up to do so. As a matter of fact, getting her to do anything was like pulling teeth. I was on hold for over 20 mins, and she made NO effort what so ever to check back in with me. I hung up. I called in after my vacation was over and wastold to go to the store. Is it really hard to put me on a brief hold and dial tier 2? I went top the store and was transferred from rep torep by the manager, which was very frustrating. However, the reps at the store were amazingly nice and flat out told me I was rightabout my issue. Did I mention I have been using blackberry for almost 4 years now? 

Here's the kicker to my frustrations: I moved to Idaho about two weeks ago and called to get my number changed and the rep didnot even offer to future date the number change. She just said it will prorate my minutes if she does it now and I should call in onthe 14th. Now, I know that if I change my number it will look like there are two lines on my bill, but it shouldn't do that. Even so, she could have offered to future date that change and call me on the 14th to let me know it was being done. It seems so simple, and I know for a fact that it does NOT take 10 years to get it done. Maybe my expectations for service are too high. I'm tired ofbeing treated like a first time user and tired of not getting the services done that I ask for. Is it so difficult to go the extra mile. What's wrong with the business system? Does VerizonWireless really think I will put up with this nonsense? I won't. I came to VerizonWireless from AT&T because of a touch screen blackberry, and will leave for the same reason, plus the quality of service. I can only handle being frustrated with a company for so long. I never had any issue with my previous blackberries or serviceprovider. Is it so much to have expected the same here?

Is there anyone who would take the time to just listen and do as I ask without insulting me or being lazy?

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