What is up with the service at the store?


Rant warning . . . . . .

Switched from AT&T because of work requirement . . . happy with their service; would not have changed except for job.

Complaint #1)  Spent a total of 10 hours at the store trying to get new iPhones and switching over the service.  Salesmen/women were acting like it was a frat house while I sat there with no one giving me updates, only excuses of what they were doing.  Finally I called and got Verizon to contact AT&T and they switched my service over.

#2)  The store ordered the wrong belt clip and would not re-order the item until I revisited the store.

#3)  The store added a $10 fee to each line that I was not aware of for phone protection and continued getting charged the fee even after I contacted the company.

#4)  No paper bill was sent even after requesting it twice:  once with the store and once with customer service.  Again, more of my time spent getting the account/services right.

#5)  I spoke to the store manager.  He made excuses.  He blamed the warehouse, the on-line customer service people, everyone except for his employees.  No apology, no attempt to look at the account to correct anything else that may be in error, no consideration for the time i have spent trying to give him my money.

#6)  A regional manager called.  Got an apology from him and an assurance that the store's actions were addressed.  I have not received any feedback concerning this.  I continue to have to contact Verizon because of the store's inability to get my information correct.

The cell service is good.  No complaints.  On-line satisfaction ratings are top notch.  My complaint is the complete lack of professionalism shown at the store by the employees and the store manager.  If I had known, I would have gone to another vender.  As it is nothing is being done concerning that particular store.

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Was this a Verizon Wireless Corporate Store, or a Reseller that had a Verizon Logo? No excuse for bad service. When you go to tge store at least where I live they are pretty good people. They ask a lot of questions, they give you the store policy, they explain your device and even tell you when they are holding classes on using it.

They explain the charges, ask you about insurance before its added, they have you look at the accessories and buy them right now, only time they order is when they are out of the item. They explain the exchange policy, they have you look at the total amounts due, your plan selections, data, phone, texting. It is given as a hard copy at the register and you don't sign anything unless its absolutely correct. The whole process should be less than an hour start to finish. unless they are real busy. Where you went does not sound anything like the great service I get from Verizons corporate Store.

Sorry you had to go through that.


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It was a corporate Verizon store.  Just got off the phone with Verizon, and they spent 1 1/2 hours with the store talking about the "deal" I got.  She couldn't even understand what they had done.  Ridiculous. 

Supposedly I'm to receive a phone call from the store manager after he gets back from vacation.  Not holding my breath, plus this still hasn't gone up-the-ladder to someone that can remedy the problem (poor management).

And, no, none of what you described occurred.  They, the associates, would take my info (which was copied incorrectly) on a pad, then scuttle off to a backroom.  Generally upon returning they'd tell me to go ahead and leave and in 10 minutes everything will be up-and-running.  I didn't and it didn't.  Then it'd be back to that out-of-sight room.  Very strange.  All the while I'm sitting on a bench in the store watching the other associates doing belly-bouncing (no kidding), high-fives, and trying to figure out what to do for lunch.  Customers were referred to as "hey bud" numerous times.  Not a pleasant experience at all.


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Curious, what was the address of the store?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.