What do I do next?


I have been dealing with Verizon Tech Support since last November.  I do not have a smart phone, just a Samsung.  After 15 minutes of talking with a person (not all calls), my speaker cuts out.  I can no longer hear the other person.  They can hear me.  Every tier 2 tech person I have talked with has been very good and hopeful that they can 'solve  my problem'.  I have tried 4 different phones, tagged all problem calls, reset WITHOUT my contacts, downloaded 'preferred' tower lists, updated the local towers, CHANGED my phone number, spent 30 to 60 hours of MY UNCOMPENSATED TIME telling yet another person the same problem, and PURCHASED a different model in hopes of solving the problem.  NOTHING has worked.  I don't really want a smart phone, but feel that it is my last resort.  I want to talk to an individual with enough pull to get me what I want/need.  Where do I turn next?

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Re: What do I do next?

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Lartish, we are here to solve all of your concerns. We certainly don’t want you to get a Smartphone is this is something that you do not want to do. To make sure we are on the same page, you purchased a new phone and still were having issues with the speaker? Speaker issues are hardware related. Where did you purchase the other phone? Is there any damage to any of the phones that you have tried? What was mentioned by the technical support representatives as what the problem could possibly be?

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