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What Customer Service?


i Had been a Sprint customer for 23 years and then made the mistake of switching to Verizon. In the little over 3 months I've been with Verizon, I've spent many hours on the phone about incorrect billing and wondering where 2 of my 3 port in credits of $150 each is. That's $300 Verizon owes me that I cant get a good answer to, my monthly bill amount is not what was promised, and I am losing my patients with this company that I am paying $70 more per month than I had been with Sprint. 

VEdison, really, you need to get your act together.!?!?

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Re: What Customer Service?

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What plan are you on?  What are they charging you for that has increased your bill over $70 more than you've anticipated?  Sucks on the bill credits though...that seems to be a running conversation around the forums here lately...