Weak / Nonexistant 4G LTE coverage in Boston Metro North


Verizon's 4G LTE coverage map here is pretty laughable, at least for me.  I'm about 1000ft from I-93 and just north of the city, which is completely filled in on the official coverage map.

Result: 0-1 bars, missed calls, can't use phone for internet unless there's an open wifi nearby.  If the phone downloads anything at all rather than just giving a network error it will be around 50k/s, you know, late 1990's internet speeds.  Can't tell you how awesome that is when paying $100/mo for (non-)service.

Anyone else having this issue?  Phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus) is patched up to Android 4.0.4, if that matters.

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Re: Weak / Nonexistant 4G LTE coverage in Boston Metro North

Community Manager
Community Manager

Good afternoon Tarou.

Let's see what's going on with the 4G service on your Nexus. I wouldn't be happy to have to only rely on WiFi.  How long have you had your device? Have you ever had a stronger 4G signal in this area? How about in other areas? Please try clearing the device memory, http://bit.ly/SxXaLs , and then remove battery and SIM card for about 30 seconds. Once the phone is restarted, you should have a stronger connection. If not, please respond with the exact location(s) of these service issues. Also, do you know of anyone else on VZW that has similar issues? I look forward to your response.

Thank you,

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