November 1st I went to the Best Buy in Commack NY and "Edged Up" my Iphone 5s along with my husbands Iphone 5s for the new Iphone 6plus. I already had met the minimum threshold to allow an "Edge Up" and was given a box and ups shipment label to return the two perfectly functional Iphone 5s to Verizon. I immediately shipped the phones the following business day. I noticed in December that they charged me a Equipment Charge for Edge Up Agreement Months (16-24) remaining balance for non receipt of the phones. This was charged twice. I called Verizon and they put in a "ticket" to their "Warehouse" to track down the devices. I called again in January since there was no resolution and I was told that they found the package but "couldn't find the phones." I called again a week later and was told that they found the phones but it can take up to 8 weeks to "tag" the phone back into the system. Not only did I get a run around but when I called again in February I was up to two different tickets in regards to this situation. I called and asked to speak to a manager not a floor supervisor and was given a supervisor who told me I would get a call back that same day confirming my refund. I then called again last week and spoke to the worst supervisor I have ever encountered who told me that I was NOT charged equipment charges and was not eligible for an upgrade because the phone was not paid 100%. I explained how this made absolute no sense because if I had to pay 100% I would have no need to ship the phones back... I would then in turn OWN the phone and would be able to gift or sell the phone to someone. I expressed my frustration and asked to speak to her supervisor to which she replied that she doesn't have one and that she will put in a request to have an operations manager call me. No one has called no one has helped I am disgusted with this service and I no longer want to continue business with Verizon Wireless.


The customer states that he was advised that he could ship his previous devices, which were under an EDGE agreement, back to the warehouse and upgrade to new devices.  On the 12/2014, statement the customer was charged $281.16 for the remaining balance on the EDGE agreements associated with the devices returned on the mobile numbers ending 2661 and 1669.  Per internal tracking, both of the customer's previous devices have been received in the warehouse and a credit has been applied to the account in the amount of 562.32 on 02/27/2015.  When the customer was contacted to deliver the resolution, his wife stated that she would also like a credit for the Early Termination Fees incurred for the cancellation of two additional lines on the account. She stated that the lines were cancelled to avoid disconnection.  Upon further review of the account, the account was not in danger of being disconnected.  No credits applied to the Early Termination fees.


I am rejecting this response because:

My request for refund of the early termination fees have been declined.  I was told by Ebony on the Executive team that she would return my call last week before closing the case on the 17th.  She never returned my call and until today I was not advised of this declined decision.  She chose to not call me because she knew that a decline will lead me to not allow this case to be closed.  After being called today and told I have a passed due balance of $771.52 (much to my surprise).  On 3/14/15,  I noticed that my credit has yet to be posted on my account and that my account balance due was a tad bit more than the credit.  The credit due to me because of the failure to respond to my edge up agreement equipment return in a timely manner (returned November 2014 - finally recognized mistake and credited phones that have been in warehouse for months on 3/23) was $615.18.  Leaving an outstanding balance on my part of $156.34.  To correct that outstanding balance on 3/14 I attempted to make a payment of $200.  The verizon website processed two payments the first payment of $771.52(the entire balance which I did not owe) the second payment (which is the payment that should have only come out) of $200.  I called customer service immediately who at first refused to refund the $771.52 because I owed it.  After reading notes he realized I didn't and told me I had to call my bank.  I advised him as a banker myself I know that he can cancel the pending payment so that it does not post.  He assured me he submitted the request to cancel the payment.  When i checked my account the next day the balance owed was -$200 meaning it was not corrected.  I called customer service and they told me it takes 24-48 hours.  I check again the following 2 days and no refund.  I called Chase to make a claim on the $771.52.  Today as I look at my bill which was made available today I noticed a few disturbing issues.  The $771.52 was reversed on the account BUT never credited to my bank.  My account is still showing past due $771.52 even though they applied a credit of $615.18.  The credit was posted to the payment due on April. Leaving my account delinquent the $771.52.  I was charged the two early termination fees.  $350 and $230.  When I called customer service to find out why this is happening they were unable to tell me why the refund was not posted to the prior past due balance.  Why the $200 credit is not reflecting the balance and why I am being charged an early termination fee.  They emailed Ebony and requested she call me back.  She called me back and I requested an explanation on why she would close the BBB case without discussing the early termination fee with me.  She responded that I didn't deserve it because I was not in danger of having my services disconnected.  I explained that my services were already disconnected once and due to my arguing was reinstated.  She explained that my services were not disconnected and were only suspended implying that theres a difference.  At this point I was aware that Verizon's expectations of terminology expertise were expected of me.  She then told me that as per their opinion I had options available to me that will prevent the disconnection for example:  I could of paid the $615.18 and avoided "suspension" while they attempted to sort things out.  So I was expected to pay for phones I did not have and in fact they had in their possession at the warehouse and wait for a resolution that did not come NOVEMBER 2014, DECEMBER 2014, JANUARY 2015, FEBRUARY 2015 AND MARCH 2015.  The resolution actually did not even happen until my complaint with the BBB.  She then began to speak and argue over me that the responsibility for disconnecting even though I was unsatisfied, angry and missing any real customer service was on me.  She then gave me the option to bring the phone numbers back to verizon services and the fees with be waived.  She then went on to say that I owed the company money ($771.51) because I didn't pay previous bills.  Which again in fact is not true I have been up to date but because of their posting of the credit to a current bill and not a past due bill it now shows that I am past due.  I agreed to bring the lines back to Verizon as long as Verizon paid the early termination fees with the new cell phone company.   She then stood quiet without telling me she was going to stay quiet leading me to believe the call might have dropped at which point I said hello and she offered to refund the lesser early termination fee.  I told her this was unacceptable and that the reason the phones were disconnected was because of the lack of urgency on the part of Verizon to resolve my issue.  I was expected to follow up, I was expected to call back,  I was expected to track the original tracking, I was expected to stay with Verizon and allow my phone to be "SUSPENDED" until Verizon did their job.  She then told me that she will not take into offense that I am angry because she knows its not with her.  When I told her I will not accept only 1 refund and that I wanted to speak to her supervisor she stated that then she will not refund anything and for me to put another complaint with the BBB.  She refused to give me a supervisor and refused to help and smugly told me to have a great day.   It took over a month to have someone respond to my original complaint.  My expectation is that I do not wait another month.  Seems that I can expect this much since verizon has a lot of expectations from me as a consumer and they have gotten away with providing an abysmal customer service experience.  At this point I not only want the early termination fees back from Verizon but I was the ability to take my two existing lines and go with a carrier who will appreciate and respect me as a consumer.


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Thats crazy! Good Luck. Please keep us updated.

If you go to T-mobile or Sprint then they will pay your ETFs. Just so you know.