WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: $200 credit per iphone 5 trade in: Promised by GoWireless in Chino Hills & Verizon Account Manager, But Not Addressed in Over 4 Months


Hello everyone,

I just had the WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with a Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer (Go Wireless in Chino Hills) and a Verizon Account Manager.

Through a ridiculous saga of events, I finally had to send an email to a customer service supervisor with screenshots, outlined below to try to resolve.

Besides this, is there anything else I can to do address this situation? 

I don't want any Verizon Wireless customer to EVER go through this.

Please see the detailed email below for reference.


Hi Laura,

I am also including GoWireless customer service on this email due to the incredibly TERRIBLE customer service I received from their employees.

As we discussed over the phone, I am contacting about the terrible, dishonest, and incompetent customer service I received regarding my upgrading of iPhone 6 through GoWireless Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer located at The Shoppes at Chino Hills, 13925 City Center Drive, Chino Hills.  Their phone number is 909-465-5840.

I will send the screenshots of the text conversation I had with GoWireless salesperson (Will) over the course of almost 2 months, in an attempt to receive the $200 per iPhone trade in credits that he and GoWireless had promised me when I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 6.

As the text message screenshots will show (and a follow up emails, as this maximum has a maximum capacity issue), I was continually following up with Will over the course of 2 months regarding receiving the credits.  Throughout the conversation, he kept indicating that he would address it.  As the text messages will show, he never resolved it and I had to continually pursue getting the credits owed to m e.

After this, I contacted GoWireless corporate customer service and complained about the situation.  GoWireless customer service indicated that they would help me resolve the situation.  So they ended up contacting the store manager, Aaron.

Aaron then contacted me, after corporate customer service contacted him.  Aaron assured me that he would address this and ensure I received the credits I was promised in the original transaction.

Aaron eventually punted me to a Verizon Account Manager during this past January.  That account manager's number is 619-756-2100.  I will attach the screenshots of the text messages I had with that individual for reference. 

That Account Manager indicated that he would just apply the $200 per phone credit to my account since my family had to go through so much trouble and hassle over so many months.

After waiting for a month and not hearing from him, I reached out to him via text a few weeks ago.  He did not respond and I sent 2 subsequent texts to follow up, and he never responded.

It was at this point I called Verizon customer service and complained about this issue, this past Saturday (2/21).  As the voice recording for that conversation will show, the customer service rep indicated that she would try to apply the $200 per phone credit and that I should call back within 48 hours if I don't receive the credit on my account.

As I didn't see the credits applied today, I called customer service and spoke to you eventually about this situation. 

While I appreciate your help in trying to resolve this, I would like to make a note of the following:

1. GoWireless sales representative WILL was INCOMPETENT and/or DISHONEST in applying my credits.  As the text messages show, the ONLY reason my family purchased the phones were because of the $200 per phone credit.

2. GoWireless store manager AARON is INCOMPETENT and/or DISHONEST about this situation. 

As you heard today on the call, Aaron tried to pass the blame onto me first, saying I didn't turn the phone in on time.  This was despite the fact that I had been corresponding with Will over text and spoke specifically with Aaron the situation.  They were the reason that I "didn't turn my phone in on time"  Either Aaron "forgot" our conversation around this whole situation or was intentionally being deceitful. 

Aaron then tried to pass the blame to the Verizon district manager, saying that it was something that that district manager to handle.

This situation indicates Aaron's inability to take responsibility (he tried to blame shift the issue) and be accountable for his actions.  I am appalled that a large entity like GoWireless would employ such a person in a management position.

3. Verizon Wireless account manager (phone number 619-756-2100) is INCOMPETENT or DISHONEST about this situation.  He indicated that he would help resolve this and he did not, and, in fact, has ignored my attempts to contact him over the past few weeks.  I am shocked that such a person could be given responsibility to service customer accounts.

4. As we discussed, I'm am also going to put a formal complaint detailing out this situation on Verizon Wireless forums.  I don't think any customer deserves to go through this type of experience.  It is completely ASININE, ABSURD, and HORRIBLE that a customer has had to keep following up on this over the past 4 months.  Even arranging a conference call today with Aaron and you!

The lack of professionalism and integrity of Will, Aaron, and the Verizon Account Manager is unbelievable!

5. Is there anyway that I can pull my account from GoWireless considering the situation.  I don't think Aaron and his team are capable of honestly servicing any customers.

As I indicated, I will send a follow up email with the additional screenshots for your reference to show the set that I have.

I hope we can finally resolve this situation and my family FINALLY gets the $200 per phone credits promised to us in the original transaction.

Thank you.

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