Very disappointed


I called what I thought to be Tech support yesterday afternoon when I got home to find out I had no "Verizon Cell Service".  I was on the line for at least 30 minutes or longer before I had to get off the phone to attend to my dog.  In the mean time, one of my neighbors contacted me and asked if I had issues with Verizon. I told them I did and to call in.  I had to go out to eat probably about 3 or so miles from the house and the signal was fine there which told me that more than likely it was a tower issue.  I called back in that night and spent 45 minutes (10 of those minutes were hold minutes) checking my phone settings even though I told them my phone is working fine 3 miles out.  They ignored that fact and I even had another Verizon phone with me with the same issue, no "Verizon Cell Signal".  They ignored that fact as well.  Then they wanted me to reset my network settings on the phone and I did and then she said let me get you to Technical support.  I said I thought you were Tech Support she said she was Customer care.  Well as soon as I got to Tech Support he ask what my problem was.  Are you kidding me?  They didn't send that info along?  No.  After I told him the problem, he said there is a tower outage.  Why on earth didn't the first person tell me that?  He said they don't see that.  information.

My question is why does the initial person not see everything like tower outage issues and waste peoples time troubleshooting when there is a known issue that apparently Tier 1 support does not know about.  That would have saved them time and my time.  Plus that fact I am going to have to set up all my wirelss/Bluetooth devices because of the network reset which was useless.  That phone call should of taken 5 minutes, but it seems for some reason you all like to hide everything from the Customer Care folks.  There should be alerts sent out via email to customers alerting them that there are issues in the area.  That would avoid all of this mess.

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