Verizon, when will you listen to us and remove your perma cookie?

We've been asking this same question for weeks now.  AT&T scrapped their plan based on user privacy, but you have not.  We were not notified of this material change to our terms of service and contracts and allowed to terminate our services without penalty.  You are in breach of ECPA as well as our contracts.  You're even in breach of your own privacy policies.  When will you change this? 

And don't respond with your canned "we care about privacy" link that opts you out ONLY of the targeted advertising and not from the neon sign announcing to all and sundry who is on their website when.  Don't tell us that they're anonymous when websites can easily match the ID to username and password.  Don't tell us that it will not harm abuse victims, victims of stalking, political dissidents, or anyone else who values their privacy. 

Let's hear from your counsel concerning the legal points made by myself and others. You should have told us this before the iPhone 6 came out and many of us upgraded to your CDMA service when instead we could have cut our losses and upgraded to a GSM phone and left you for a company that cares about privacy. 

Anyone who feels the same, please sign this petition:


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