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Verizon round and round in circles

I hope someone from Verizon monitors these posts 

We have been tyring to cancel a phone line for a month 

it is a phone line and ipad (ipad line is suspended)  we do not have the pin, I am listed as the account manager  the email account goes to one of our employees 

Verizon cannot provide access it took multiple phone calls hours by myself, my wife and an assocaite to try and cancel. 

we had Verizon send the notice to the employee email and we were disconnected from Verizon this happened 2x, so when Verizon called back (they did follow up) they could not send another mail because they had sent it 2x so they cannot send another for 24hrs 


I was on the phone today for a total of 86 minutes with three different people 


I finally got a Management support person named Nicki who took the info and was able to access the account Nicki is my hero 


Last issue the pin was reset on the phone so we could pull all the voice mails off 

we do not have the phone 

instructions were call phone line hit pound and use the pin # which was reset today 

that does not work, called back to talk to customer service and since we do not have the pin # for the account (see above) and they cannot send an email they cannot help me 

what a process 

why not give employees the ability to get the job done like NIcki I did not get her employee number but she should be promoted (she understodd how to fix a problem) and had the means to do so 


If someone from Verizon is monitoring this thread they should reach out 

Re: Verizon round and round in circles
Customer Support


It saddens me to learn you've had a challenging time trying to disconnect your two lines. This is never the type of experience we strive to provide for our customers. However, our customers account security is one of our top priorities, which is why a PIN is required when gaining access to an account. Your time is indeed valuable, and I want to do as much as possible to assist with your account concerns.


I understand you spoke with Nicki, and she was able to gain access to the account. To gain clarity, is this for a business, or consumer account, as you mentioned the email address on file is one of your employees?


You also mentioned the PIN was reset on the phone for you to remove the voicemails. To gain a better understanding, when you follow the steps here: (refer to using voicemail #5) what error message/announcement do you hear?