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Verizon network struggling with too much traffic?

Like several people have posted, your 4G LTE speeds are non existent. I know you guys don't even come close to AT&T speeds, but I was at least getting manageable speeds .5 Mbps and above. This changed a few months ago when I started to see speeds of .9 - .12Mbps, web pages literally give up on trying to load. I've seen speeds not even close to what 4G LTE should be everywhere i go, but where it's worse is at work zip code: 85257. Sometimes my service is 1x meaning "you're fked". I already tried resetting network. iPhone 5S, ios7. Three years ago I switched to verizon from at&t, when the iphone was made available. But now  I think they've gotten better since then, and i may just jump ship back to at&t or smaller carrier.

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Re: Verizon network struggling with too much traffic?
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Same problem here (85282) and it sounds like you're not too far from me. Verizon's network has always been pretty bad by comparison to other carriers here and it has only gotten worse over the last few months. I have seen a huge improvement around my mother's area (85339) but I imagine that is only because most of the traffic there is other carriers. I never bought into this XLTE thing since I was told over the last couple of years my slow speeds/low signal were due to network traffic, and XLTE was supposed to relieve that. This has happen on every phone owned since living in Tempe (S3, S4, S5, Note 2, Note 3, M7 and currently the M8) and every trouble shooting method imaginable has been done on each device and have met several people on here around my area experiencing the same issues.

There is no other explanation...Verizon's network is just not that good here.