Verizon is terrible!


Today I found out that I have been paying for the "Family Base" service that I asked to stop a year ago.

Called Verizon, call agent was willing to compensate up to 6 months first, but when the call was escalated to "higher-up" they would only do 3 months!  I guess the lesson is don't escalate just shut up and take what they offer!?!?

Also found out that the loyalty points that I have been accruing in their previous program were "deleted".  What a great way to revamp your new loyalty program Verizon!  You guys are terrible!

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Re: Verizon is terrible!

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It seems to me IF you make a change to your account, you would want to check your bill for the next 1 or 2 cycles to make sure the change actually took effect. You, however, apparently did not check your bill for 12 months.

Unfortunately, you only have 180 days to dispute a charge as listed in your customer agreement.

How and when can I dispute charges?

If you're a Postpay customer, you can dispute your bill within 180 days of receiving it, but unless otherwise provided by law or unless you're disputing charges because your wireless device was lost or stolen, you still have to pay all charges until the dispute is resolved. If you're a Prepaid customer, you can dispute a charge within 180 days of the date the disputed charge was incurred. YOU MAY CALL US TO DISPUTE CHARGES ON YOUR BILL OR ANY SERVICE(S) FOR WHICH YOU WERE BILLED, BUT IF YOU WISH TO PRESERVE YOUR RIGHT TO BRING AN ARBITRATION OR SMALL CLAIMS CASE REGARDING SUCH DISPUTE, YOU MUST WRITE TO US AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE ADDRESS ON YOUR BILL, OR SEND US A COMPLETED NOTICE OF DISPUTE FORM (AVAILABLE AT VERIZONWIRELESS.COM), WITHIN THE 180–DAY PERIOD MENTIONED ABOVE. IF YOU DO NOT NOTIFY US IN WRITING OF SUCH DISPUTE WITHIN THE 180-DAY PERIOD, YOU WILL HAVE WAIVED YOUR RIGHT TO DISPUTE THE BILL OR SUCH SERVICE(S) AND TO BRING AN ARBITRATION OR SMALL CLAIMS CASE REGARDING ANY SUCH DISPUTE.

I can't determine why 6 months(~180 days) was downgraded to only 3 months in your case. Possibly you were still actively using Family Base during that time would be the only reason for this smaller period of time. If you had previously set limits which were still in effect on your account could be 1 reason why this happened.

In the future, you should check your bill to make sure you are not paying for something you shouldn't be paying for, ESPECIALLY if you make a change to your account.