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Verizon changes discount


I am a retired Police Officer. I have been receiving an 18% discount for many years. I recently had to validate my discount as requested by Verizon. I jumped through all of their hoops and received a message that said "congratulations your discount has been approved." I get my new bill and the discount went from 18% to 8%, WHY? I  have lived up to my contract and paid my bill on time every month. I guess Verizon doesn't have to live up to their end. Some bean counter figured out a way to screw the customers and improve their bottom line. Thanks a lot Verizon. Looking into AT&T!

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Re: Verizon changes discount

Sr. Leader

The discount is renegotiated between the department you worked for and VZW. Discounts are based on the number of units a company has and the revenue stream that is generated for VZW.

Also. the discount is a perk, not part of any contract and can be changed or eliminated at any time.