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Verizon Wireless lack of respect for customer base!


I have never, ever in my life as a customer of Verizon Wireless been treated with such distain as yesterday! From multiple CSR's to a Manager who flat out told me his hands were tied in his position. From the lack of respect to lack of responsibility! Being a 5 year customer who's $190.00 a month for my own personal line, to be led around blind is disheartening. I am eligible for an upgrade in about 6.5 months. Recently dealing with iOS problems and a rising cell bill made me want to look into the upgrades and what the best options for me be it with Verizon or elsewhere. Wanted insight regarding the Edge program and do some comparing. Too say the least, I did NOT get any of those answers. Even after being escalated to a manager, a day later, I am uninformed and surprised regarding Verizon's lack of respect for their customer base! This morning I tried locating some contacts for upper management for Verizon and haven't been very successful! Does anyone have any contact info to voice my lack of concern within the company before allowing their customer service reps and entry level management to let their core base of customers walk? I would be appreciative!


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Re: Verizon Wireless lack of respect for customer base!

Customer Support

We do not want to see you go. I can assure you that we truly respect you and value you. What exactly were you looking for information regarding we your reached out to out customer service team? What did the Supervisor advise you that their hands were tied on? Please provide additional details.
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