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Verizon Wireless Outages in the DFW area following Electrical Storm

Verizon Wireless, the so-called "Big Red" cellular provider, seems to be picking up its own red phone lately.

Verizon Wireless customers around the DFW area are reporting widespread outages of the company's newer, faster 4G wireless service, as well as spotty performance of the older 3G service.

Complaints about both the 3G and 4G networks flooded in Thursday from all over the DFW Metroplex according to the store employee at the local Verizon store.

“I sat up at the Verizon store this morning before the store opened @ 9:35am with no on in the parking lot and by 10:00am the entire parking lot was full with angry Verizon Wireless customers.” All were saying they haven’t had service since they woke up this morning. It was a scene of when a store has a big sale or major event…

“I noticed the outages started around 9:00-9:30pm last night, 5/30/2012.” – kd5yov

Instead of staying around to see what’s going on, I left and figured out that I would come back on in a day or so... Can’t fix it if its broken and right now Verizon is stuck with its tail between their legs!

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