Verizon Wireless Outage map


This morning my town suffered a substantial Verizon Wireless outage, making it imposable to use both my Verizon Wireless phone issued through the Federal Government for my Federal Civil Service work, and my personal Verizon Wireless phone.   During this outage I used my Comcast Internet to try to find the extent and expected duration of the outage, as I do with electric power outages, but found that Verizon Wireless never admits online to have a wireless outage ever anywhere.   I ended up having to go to a social media website to see the extent of the outage complaints:


Looking back through messages posted on the Verizon site I see that others would like to be able to understand the extent and projected duration of Verizon Outages too but it seems everyone has given up on getting even a response from Verizon regarding their plans to either include this information or reason why they do not include the information.  All utilities and services are susceptible to outages despite commercials complaining their lack of vulnerability to acts of God.  While we actually have completion for who provides us electrical power but they are confident enough to display real time maps and projections of power outages, apparently Verizon either is not confident or just doesn’t care enough about its customers to tell them the truth.

I'm hoping that responses to this and other requests for Verizon to provide us Verizon Wireless outage maps may gradually help persuade Verizon to get over its insecurity or callousness and instead provide us the real time facts about Verizon Wireless outages.

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