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Verizon Wireless Customer Support Lies, Lies, and Lies


Since August I have had the Iphone 5 and it has done nothing but eat up data left and right. Way more than my old one ever did. The I receive a bill that is over 500 dollars! I call (Monday 1-6-14) (47 minute call) and CS tells me that I am being changed 130 dollars in overages for using over 16GB!!! I am almost always somewhere that I hae wifi so this was outragous to me. The CS girl told me she agreed and it looked like it was a phone glitch and that she would credit the 130 dollars and that it should process within an hour. I thanked her and hung up. The next day (Tuesday 1-7-14) I notice those charges are still on my account and I call back(1hour 15 min call). I get a new CS rep and they tell me they are valid charges the rep I spoke to the day earlier never put a credit through or noted the account. He tells me I will not be receiving a credit because one enver existed. I asked for him to give me a supervisor.... but he informed me the supervisor was just to busy to actually talk to me. After I was basically given the run around and called a liar... He informed me that I would get a 25 dollar credit as a courtesy or he could put my account on hold from getting my services disrupted and email the rep from Monday and their supervisor and that someone would call me back that night or the next day. I informed 3 days (1-10-14)  goes by and all of a suddden my phone does not work! I call financial services and they inform me that JEREMY the rep from Tuesdays call never put my account on hold and that I have to at least pay HALF!! Transferred to customer service (1 hour phone call) and I am now told my account was never put on hold and the rep Tuesday never got in contact with the people from Monday... So I ended up paying half of the balance until I can speak to someone AGAIN, I was basically called a liar, and came to the conclusion that Verizon Customer Support are either trained to lie or they are incompetant.... Oh and even though I was informed all conversations are recorded NOBODY will listen to the conversation from Monday when I was told I would be receiving a credit.

I hate verizon and after 18 years of having them as my cell phone provider I can not wait to get rid of them!

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Re: Verizon Wireless Customer Support Lies, Lies, and Lies

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When it comes to data overages on the new iPhone 5/5C/5S Verizon is the worst.

When it comes to credits, the rep issues them and the reps immediate manager/supervisor has to approve the credit. That rep probably did issue it but it was denied due to the charges being valid.

With that said, the usage is incorrect and this is something many many customers are fighting with Verizon about. Either get a better phone (Android preferrably ) or find another povider because who knows how long it will take Verizon to recognize/fix the issues.

As a last note, Verizon customer service has been steadily declining lately, so the reps are uninformed to say the least

Re: Verizon Wireless Customer Support Lies, Lies, and Lies


I can completely understand that they have to be approved. However I was simply told it would be processed in an hour. They should not promise things they can not give.

I am definitely getting rid of Verizon! I have had it with their customer service and outrageous costs...

Thanks for the info! After being told I am a liar by customer service for a week it's nice to have someone believe me!