Verizon Recycling program - horrible business practice


I have sold previous Apple devices with no problem.  I sent my iPhone 4S through the Verizon Recycling Program to take advantage of their $200 trade in value after purchasing a new iPhone.  My phone has been in an Otterbox Defender case ever since I received in 2011.  Verizon sends me an email stating that they have not receive the device, yet decides to credit me for $36... I look into the status of the work order, and they claim that the phone wasn't deactivated....

Sorry, but I don't buy this.  I activated my new phone over a call in with a live Verizon representative, who then tells me that my old phone has now been deactivated.  I also have confirmation from Apple that the "Find my iPhone" has been disabled. 

You are also unprepared to handle the customer service calls when your lines are constantly busy which is great for the business because then you can claim that the 30 day window period for which the original appraisal value will be honored has passed. 

I've been a loyal customer for over 10+ years, paid my bills on time, recommend your service to family and friends, and this is how the company treats loyalty?   have other customers experience this with their devices?

any advice?

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