Verizon Customer Service is Lacking...


I recently decided to switch from AT&T to Verizon.  I called the sales team that promised me the moon as well as gave me their personal cell numbers and the supervisors.  All was great until the sale was complete.  I've had nothing but problems with the porting of my number and when I reach out to the sales person and her supervisor they don't respond back.

Today I blocked my number and called the supervisor.  He answered and acted as though he didn't know I was having problems.  I told him that I've been texting him every day and to refer back to the texts.  He said he'd get a number and get right back to me.  It's been 3 hours now.

I'm almost to the point of switching to another carrier.  I'd expect better customer service.  I've called the sales line twice today and been but on hold and disconnected.