Verizon Complaint


I was looking to switch providers do the cheaper pricing at AT&T. Before I switched I called Verizon Wireless many times to see if they can match the price I would be getting at AT&T. I work for a company and I get a 20% discount at Verizon and 22% at AT&T. I realize that these are different discounts. I spoke with two people the first there was no point in me upgrading to a 10 GB plan because I don't use it even if it is the same price. The second rep said she would give me 1 GB free for a year because there prices are the same and there is not much she can do. I told her that is fine. She told me she added the 1GB free but when I got off the phone with her I received an email saying I was dis-enrolled from paperless billing. I then received a text saying my online account was disabled and no longer in use by my phone number. Both of which I did not do nor did I giver permission to do.I am not very happy that I had to re-register my account. When I called to speak to a supervisor it was a long wait on top of the 10 minute wait when I called and the 5 times my call got disconnected. I asked for something because I said it was unfair to me and they only offered me $5. @

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