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Vanishing Bill Credit


It's interesting that Verizon can offer a bill credit for switching lines from another carrier to them; however, when it comes to paying out that credit they suddenly have no idea why you're not getting the credit, only received half the credit, and you'll have to wait 7 to 14 business days to determine when/if you'll receive the credits. If you claim to honor these credits within the 3 billing cycles, then don't, does that mean that I can decide when to arbitrarily pay my wireless bill? Doubtful! Verizon is quickly becoming a deceitful carrier with their offers to do things that they fail to follow through on and waste hours of time on the phone with customer service.

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Re: Vanishing Bill Credit

Customer Support

This is not how we want you to feel jbEdmond! If an credit is valid on an account, we want to ensure that it is applied. At times research is required before applying a credit to verify it is a valid credit to apply.  Are you having difficulites with a credit that was to be applied to your account? Please share further details.

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Re: Vanishing Bill Credit


I ported two lines to my account in December. There was a $150.00 dollar

bill credit for each line. Last month I received half of the credit. After

calling last month I was assured that the other half would be awarded this


That didn't happen!

After a lengthy call to customer service I was told that some other

department would have to investigate the claim. Claim??? You advertised the

credit and only gave me half of what you advertised and promised. I'm

confused as to what has to be investigated and why the credit wasn't issued

in its entirety to begin with.

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Re: Vanishing Bill Credit


I ported 4 phones and was supposed to receive $100 bill credit per phone April 2014. I purchased everything from the Verizon store. They told me not to worry it will come off. After a few months, I called customer service. They tell me I need to go to the store. They can't help me. I just received an email about adding another phone I will get a bill credit. So I called and told them I never received my credit from last year. The rep says, they didn't have it then. I told her I brought a coupon in when I signed up. She tells me I have to go to the store and its up to the manager if he will credit my account. I am never going to see that bill credit. Verizon customer service obviously doesn't communicate with the stores and are not helpful.

Re: Vanishing Bill Credit

Customer Support
Thanks for the details, jckells. Please accept my apologies for any inconsistencies in our responses. I agree that we should be providing only accurate information. I can see that your concerns have been referred to another team for review (I presume that team to be a special one, dedicated to resolving concerns like yours). How long ago was it you last spoke with us? Did we set a time frame for resolution?   DionM_VZW Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport If my response answered your question please click the "Correct Answer" button under my response. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this!!

Re: Vanishing Bill Credit


Tonight a customer service representative called trying to get me to

understand how half the credits equal what I'm supposed to have received.

Then when I pointed out that I have an email from them saying I am owed the

credits, they want to check and see if I got a gift card. How is a gift

card a bill credit? That wasn't the promotion and not what I was promised

for transferring my lines. I'm almost to the point of making a complaint

with the Attorney General's office. Once again Verizon wasted more of my

time and life over this issue. And they don't understand why I want to

leave and go to another carrier. Hmmmm.....let me think about why......

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