VZW MSG sent from my own number, then short code call from Verizon after 9pm


I don't want to go into details because after no explanation from tech support I finally submitted a security violation email, just in case. And it says on the site not to discuss security violations in a public setting. However, the auto response email also says they don't respond to all emails. So I am just going to post a couple of brief questions That might give me an idea of if the situation is legit or not.

DOes Verizon ever send texts to the customer, from that customer's own number? Every text I've ever gotten from Verizon has been from the same string of numbers, which tech support confirmed. They sent a test text and it came through how it normally would. Even if Verizon somehow sent the text to me from my own number, should there be a record of them texting me, in their system?

DOes Verizon call from a short number? Looks like a short code or as if the area code is just left off. Googling this number, I can't find any info on it.

DOes Verizon do follow up calls as late as 9pm and 9:30pm after a support ticket was submitted Earlier in the evening?

IVe tried many various searches on Google and in these forums, not coming up with any answers. Im also probably going to the Verizon store today so I can actually show them the text and call log.

(Sorry for the weird capitalization - My iPad seems to not like this forum.)

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