VZ weak signal tower in my home


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I need your opinions. VZ tower signaling is very weak in my area of Warwick, RI according their two investigations, and it even get weaker inside my single family home. After talking to 6 Tec supports and their managers, VZ wants me to buy their Network extender for at least $250-$800 range. The problem with this is, is their tower and their problem and they want us, the longevity customers to pay for something that they should fix or give it free. I've been with VZ for 21yrs and never have this weak signal. It's time for new carrier and pay less, at least $150 less every month. I am on unlimited everything plan for just two Iphones and not cheap.

My question is, their weak tower and they want to sell you products that gives you better service, I called it cheap and bad business. What is your take and opinion?

At the end, it came down to I have to buy their Network Extender or they can't do nothing.

I post this question in FB too.  Not fair in my assessment, Another rid off? 

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Re: VZ weak signal tower in my home

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Is the signal weak outside of your home as well as inside?

Verizon Wireless and the other carriers never guaranteed service would be reliable inside buildings.

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Re: VZ weak signal tower in my home


10-15 ft is 3 bar, never full bar, and everyone

who came to my house was complaining about

My service, people cannot text, received calls.

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Re: VZ weak signal tower in my home


Having 3 bars does not mean you will have less connectivity than having full bars.

It does not matter what happens in your home. If the signal doesn't reach, Verizon is not responsible for that. Please read the Customer Agreement at Customer Agreement | Verizon Wireless​. It states:

Where and how does Verizon wireless Service work?

Wireless devices use radio transmissions, so unfortunately you can't get Service if your device isn't in range of a transmission signal. And please be aware that even within your Coverage Area, many things can affect the availability and quality of your Service, including network capacity, your device, terrain, buildings, foliage and weather.

Your home is a building and it can effect your signal.

Re: VZ weak signal tower in my home

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Pov2014, we don’t want to see you leave the Verizon family after being with us for 21 years. Since we recommended the network extender, this would help provide a stronger service indoors for you and others in your home. If you don’t wish to pay for the network extender, you can use free wifi calling instead. It very similar to a network extender but only compatible phones would be able to use it. Here’s a link with more information in http://vz.to/1Wf2QwY . Would this work for you?



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