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I just spent about 1 1/2 hours on a chat discussing the 'Upgrade Transfer'.

I had requested one of the lines on my account (Line A) receive the 'Upgrade Transfer' from another line on my account (Line B).  I asked several times regarding the charge, and wasn't informed of anything out of the ordinary.  I went ahead and ordered a new device.  I checked my account a couple of days later, and the pay-off amount for my device (Line A) was added to my bill.

Apparently, the Upgrade Transfer only moves the 'eligibility' of the upgrade to the other line.  The customer still is required to pay the device off in order to use it.  So - my confusion is the benefits of this 'upgrade transfer'.  What is the point of it if you have to pay off your device in order to use it? 

I am a very disappointed long-time Verizon customer who will be returning the new device, and going to look at other providers.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Upgrading should be a seamless process. Sorry if it has not. Allow me to clarify. The transfer of the upgrade does indeed move the eligibility. If you have a remaining balance on one of the phones then it would have to be paid. If you do not mind me asking, why do you feel if you have an agreement to pay for a device for 24 months that agreement should become null and void when you transfer an upgrade? We also sent you a Private Message please respond back there so wqe can look deeper into this.


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