Unsatisfactory Service


To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Kristine and I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 15+ years. Throughout the years, I have bragged about my cellular service as Verizon is known for being one of the best cellular providers in the nation. All of my immediate family has Verizon. I have even convinced numerous friends to switch to Verizon. However, my sentiments for your company have slowly declined over the past year.

I, previously, was one of the few remaining Verizon customers who had the unlimited everything plan. Despite your unlimited plan being grossly overpriced (in comparison to your competitors), I decided to stand by your company because I believe in loyalty. However, about a year ago, your company reduced my 3G service to 1x. I did my research and learned that your company “throttles” people with unlimited data plans. Basically, you limit how much data “unlimited data” customers actually receive. Despite knowing this and despite my complaints to your customer service department (which went unresolved), I still stood by your company because (again) I believe in loyalty.

Every chance your company got, I was pigeon-holed into trying to drop my unlimited data plan, but I refused. I was happy and content even though I was receiving a “limited” unlimited data plan that was grossly overpriced. However, that all changed this year when the iPhone 6 was released. When purchased the iPhone 4s, I was able to keep my unlimited data plan without any problems. But, with the 6, the only way to get the phone was to either pay $800 (plus tax) or to drop my unlimited data plan.

I phoned your company in attempts to bypass this. I explained how it’s in the benefit of both of us to allow me to keep my unlimited data plan (your company would continue to receive approximately $130 more each month) and I would get the phone that I wanted. But, your customer service representative and manager would not allow for this. The manager explained that your company was doing a double your data promotion and that it would be my best option at this point.

The only reason why I decided to drop my unlimited data plan is because I was reassured that my family and I would be able to receive the 30GB (double your data) plan. However, upon switching to the 6, I was only given the option of the 10GB plan. Both myself and the apple representative spoke to a Verizon customer service rep who told me to come in at my convenience and that I would be able to get the plan without any problem. That was on November 4th. It is now December 3rd and I have visited stores, made pricing requests, and appealed the pricing request rulings without any success. Your company gave me a verbal contract that the 30GB plan would hold for my family and me. I would have never gotten the 6 if I knew that I was being lied to. My iPhone 4s worked fine and I was content with my unlimited data plan. Now I’m left with no unlimited data plan and without the shared family plan that I was promised.

This is my final attempt to reach out for help. Should this go ignored, as all of my other customer service request have, then I will be forced to take further action.


Kristine H.

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