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My current phone is broken and I tried to activate my old Galaxy Nexus phone on the line. I called in for technical support and they tired to help get my Galaxy Nexus activated but for some reason this dropped my unlimited data and I received an email saying I'm now on the 2GBs plan.  The representative confirmed with me that my unlimited data would not be affected if I activated my old phone. I have an open ticket labeled "Inactive Price Ticket" but have not heard from Verizon for the last few days.  I still cannot use my Galaxy Nexus.  How do I get my old phone activated and get back my unlimited data?


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Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device

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amta we'll get everything sorted out and get you back in action! The submitted request will allow the representative to retrieve the code to restore your unlimited data. This process takes 5-7 business days to complete. However in the mean time, you can complete the Nexus activation by following these steps http://vz.to/1fmtBd9

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Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device



I went to a Verizon store today to reactivate my old Galaxy Nexus.  It is

now working but I still do not have my unlimited data back.

I asked the store representative and they looked at the ticket that was

submitted and told me it was denied.  I would like to know why it was

denied even though the original tech support representative said everything

should be fine and that I would get the unlimited data back.  I had

unlimited data on my << number removed >> line until August 30th, 2014 when all

this switching phones mess occurred.

I called Verizon customer service for the 5th time and spoke to a

supervisor who basically told me there's nothing she would do and tried to

hang up on me as quick as she can.  Since last Saturday, August 30th, I've

had unlimited data on that line.  The downgrade to 2GBs happened when the

tech support person tried and failed to activate my old phone.  He told me

that there was a system glitch and that he could not activate it at that

time.  He then put a Samsung Galaxy S5 Charcoal Black on my line in order

to "reset" it as he called it. When he tried to switch to the Galaxy Nexus,

the system did not allow him.  I tried getting my Galaxy Nexus to activate

using the online website tool, but it did not work. He said I should wait

for a few hours and my old Galaxy Nexus work eventually activate. This did

not happen.  He guaranteed me that I would get the unlimited data back and

told me that he would submit an Inactive Pricing Ticket in order to do so.

I waited until the next day and my old Galaxy Nexus still did not activate.

When I checked on MyVerizonWireless online, it showed that my << number removed >>

line was suspended.  I then called Verizon again. The tech support

representative then put a "test device" on my line and tried to activate

the Galaxy Nexus.  He was not successful. He told me to wait again and try

to activate it later as it would take a few hours. So I waited.  I called

again and I asked about the getting the unlimited data back. The

representative assured me that I would get it back and that the request was

already submitted so I should wait until Verizon called me about it.

The next day I called again to activate my old phone. I was then told that

the SIM card was not compatible even though it was a 4G SIM card. This new

tech support person said he didn't understand the error but advised me to

go to a Verizon store and get a new SIM card free of charge.  I went to the

Verizon store today, Wednesday Sept 3, and got a new SIM card.  They

activated the phone and it is working but I still do not have my unlimited

data plan back. I called Verizon customer service and spoke to a supervisor

who said she would do nothing about it. She said I lost my unlimited data

on August 18, 2014 which is completely false. Even after August 18, I still

had unlimited data. My plan was changed on August 30th because the tech

support person made a mistake and moved me to the 2GBs plan. I was sent an

email about an "equipment upgrade" on September 1st. I ordered a phone from

BestBuy.com which shipped on August 18th. In that order from Best Buy, the

contract specifically states that there would be no change to the plan. It

says "Verizon Wireless Keep Existing Plan".  When I received my phone,

there was no change to the plan and I still had my unlimited data until the

whole mishap on August 30th.  The supervisor told me in order to get my old

plan back, I would have to return the phone from Best Buy. She said the

general policy is that whenever a customer orders a new phone, they have 14

days to return it and revert back to their old plan. This isn't possible

for me however because it's been over 14 days since I purchased the phone,

and they only informed me of the plan again after the 14 days return

window. I believe Verizon is engaging in a very deceiving business practice

by coercing their customers to unknowingly downgrade their data plan.

My original documents in the Best Buy order clearly states that there is no

changes to my plan and that I would keep my existing data plan. I have

attached my order from Best Buy showing this.  Please let me know how I

should proceed in order to get my existing data plan back.

Thank you.



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Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device

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When you ordered the device from best buy did you pay the full retail price of the phone? If you did not, that is the reason why you lost unlimited data. Not because you swapped devices.

Pay full price you keep unlimited data.

Good Luck


Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device


Best Buy had a promotion for the phone and when I went through the process

of ordering the phone I made sure to select the option "Keep Existing

Plan". On my confirmation that I send you, it also said "Keep Existing

Plan". During my phone call on August 30th, the representative informed me

that my plan will remain the same. I was given every indication that my

plan would NOT change. However this did not happen and despite the

paperwork saying so, Verizon now is going back and changing the terms of

the contract. A representative only informed me of the plan change after 2

weeks from the date that I placed my order. How could I have made a

decision to revert back if Verizon did not inform me of the plan change

until after the 2 weeks window?


Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device

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The forum has postings on Best Buy and other retailers having specials on phones.

What they don't tell you is the device must be paid in full price to get your unlimited data to remain.

Best Buy's computers more than likely do not interface with your full Verizon account. You can select keep the existing plan but Verizon does not accept that "special deal price" so it removed your unlimited data.

Good Luck


Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device


Then how come none of the representatives whom I spoke to before today told

me this information. Everyone before today told me that they would put a

Inactive Price Ticket through and that I would get the unlimited data back.

Now today all the representatives are changing their story. How can I

agree to a contract in which I did not even know the terms and it was not

written. Please do not say that it was because of Best Buy computers

because up until August 30th my account was fine. I used the new phone on

my account for over a week and no changes to my plan was made until August

30th when I called in. And even on August 30th when the representative saw

that my plan had change, he said that was a mistake and immediately filed

the Inactive Price Ticket. I do not appreciate Verizon changing their

story now. Please revert my data plan back as was agreed upon in the

original documents.


Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device

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I am going to try again to get this so you understand.

1- Did you pay full price for your phone? Yes or No?

2- Did you or did you not purchase your device outside of a Verizon Wireless store, web portal or through telesales? Best Buy cannot retain unlimited data because their computers are not fully operable with Verizon's customer accounts

3- Did you return everything and pay a $35 restocking fee to cancel out your upgrade?

4- Did you pay an upgrade fee? $30 would be on your receipt or on your Verizon invoice.

By your last paragraph it is quite evident you have a contract.

Since you have a contract the unlimited data was removed because you did not pay full price for your phone.

No Inactive Pricing Request would be approved based just on the facts I listed above.

You as the consumer should have asked more questions of Verizon wireless before you went to an authorized Verizon reseller

You can only retain unlimited at a Verizon Wireless Corporate Store.

Please do a google search on it and read for yourself.

Your contract is valid as it stands. There is nothing more that can be done.


Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device

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I am not Verizon customer service. I am a customer just like you.

You can adjust the forum settings to not receive email notifications.

I have not seen any private or personal information posted from you. Believe me if it were posted here the moderator's would have taken care of your personal information.


Re: Unlimited data lose when switching to old device


  Elector, I'll reserve my opinion regarding your comment but there are such things as contract laws in this country and Best Buy or any other seller of Verizon phones or services have an agreements as to how they do business. So how much clearer can I make it to you.

They have a very valid point on the entire situation about the phone and phone plans. Verizon is doing it because they want to get everyone on an unlimited plan off of it and are willing to do anything, legal or not, to do it and that is what it boils down to.

If you are not a Verizon employee then you should not put out information that you can not validate.

As far as the unlimited data issue is concerned and all the under handed things they are doing to people, I believe Verizon better get used to attorney letters and hearing the words CLASS ACTION SUITE.