Unexplainable Data Usage on Verizon ... thinking I made a bad decision


I've been reading hundreds of stories about bogus, unexplainable data usage from Verizon customers and it has me thinking I made a bad decision. I've been with Sprint for 15 years and never have I used over 300mb in a month. I do use wifi during a lot fo my use but I do use iHeart radio,pandora,email,send pic messages, browser, gps, weather and watch some videos. I've never had to turn off or kill apps for any reason other than to conserve the battery. Luckily I'm not on a contract so I can leave whenever I feel I'm been mistreated or scammed. There's far too many stories of either bogus usage claims or the hassle of having to constantly monitor which apps are running and yet, nothing ever gets resolved and Verizon keeps stealing your money. By "Most Reliable Network" do they mean most reliably screwing you over? Sprints' network may be slow but they weren't screwing me out of data. Is at&t any better?  I'd like to hear honest assessments please.

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Re: Unexplainable Data Usage on Verizon ... thinking I made a bad decision

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We've never had an issue with data. So obviously we must be on some secret "do not scam" list or............these "hundreds of stories" are mistaken, lies or just plain misunderstanding of how data works. I mean when I read someone accuse Verizon of scamming them because there was no way watching 100 hours of Netflix in a month would use more than 10 GB of data, can you take that person seriously? I can't. Or how some person cant fathom how they went over their limit yet then say they stream Pandora all night while they sleep. These are your "horror stories"