Trouble sending/receiving calls and texts from one contact


I have been having this issue now and it has been going on for months, i was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue and if so have they been able to fix it.

For months now a friend and i have had issues sending and receiving calls and texts from each other. I only have issues with her, and she only has issues with me.Everything started out fine, but it has gotten progressively worse as the months have gone on. It's sporadic in the way it works. Sometimes everything works fine, more often than not though it doesn't.

-They have T-mobile and i have Verizon.(Not sure on what phone they have, but they have changed it a few times hoping that would solved the problem, and i have a Samsung S3)

-I live in the Northeast United States, they are living in the Northwest United States.

-I have other friends and family who live in that area and i am able to send and receive texts from them with no issue at all. I am able to get send receive calls and texts from friends in Canada and all over the Untied States with no issue at all.

-We are not using any third party texting service.

-I have tried using *228 to update.

-When i called Verizon tech. support they said everything is fine on their end and it's t-mobile. When she calls T=Mobile tech support they say all things are fine on their end and it's Verizon.

-I have turned on the option for delivery receipts when sending messages, when i send them a text i do not get one. However when i send texts to others and myself , i get the notification that it was delivered.

-I have tried turning on and off the Wi-Fi on my phone to see if that would help.

-When i am at home i have about two bars of service, but again i have no issues with anyone else texting or calling.

-When she is at home she gets about two bars of service and they usually don't have issues with anyone else texting or calling. Recently though they have had issues with other family members who have Verizon.

-They have trouble at times checking emails from their phone,as in it won't update showing they have new emails.

There really seems to be no rhyme or reason for this. I can call the same time on different days from the same location with different results. I have noticed though that when we both are not at home we tend to get better results. I find it very hard to believe that it has something to do with service at our own homes, because we have little to no issues with anyone else. Any information will be more than helpful, this is putting a serious strain on the relationship


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Re: Trouble sending/receiving calls and texts from one contact

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boomer1630 wrote:

- i have a Samsung S3)

-I have tried using *228 to update.

You don't dial *228 to update the Preferred Roaming List on 4G phones; I"m surprised the call went through.  The PRL updates are handled by the SIM card. 

Try this and see if it helps:  turn off the phone, remove the SIM card, and wait a few minutes.  Then re-insert the SIM card, turn the phone back on, and give the phone a few minutes to re-establish a network connection.