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So I’m a new VZ customer that is not feel’n warm and fuzzy so far. When I set service up, I spoke with the retailer directly about these issues and he assured me the work around below would work. I am in transit today and cannot talk with him so I’m throwing this out here.


I need to move the service from my new VZ phone to an older quad-band phone for a couple reasons. For one, I am hard on phones so I’d like to switch to an older phone that I don’t care if I destroy while working outdoors. The other reason is I travel outside the US a lot and need the quad-band access. The salesman assured me it would be an easy swap (after I explained how I usually just slipped my SIM into an old beater phone with my other carrier). Now I try to do that and since to old phone has no service, I can’t! Did this guy just snow me or am I missing something?


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Re: Transfer service to another phone

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Is it a Verizon Wireless phone? If it isn't then you won't be able to activate it with VZW. 


Verizon Wireless doesn't use SIM cards, so swapping out phones isn't as easy as swapping out the SIM card. If it is a Verizon Wireless phone you have then all you need to do to get it activated is dial *228 and select option 3. Follow the prompts and enter in the required information to get the phone activated and programmed. 


Hope that helps.