To Verizon customer service since there is no other way to send wtitten words except snail mail


On 11-17-2014, I was offered, in an email, a loyalty upgrade to 6GB of data from 3GB for the same plan price I was paying. I called the included Ph.  no. and accepted the offer.

Meanwhile my granddaughter, who is on the plan, was due a phone upgrade. We decided to take advantage of the black Fri. offer of a free (after $50 mail-in rebate) Galaxy S5 phone at a local Verizon store. We found out that this also included a "free" Ellipsis 7 Tablet, but at checkout, we were informed that we had to take the $10/mo data plan for the tablet. This did not add any extra data to our plan, so, the "free" tablet would be paid for by the $10/mo. charge I guess. We did not even want data on the tablet.

My granddaughter excitedly tried out her enticing new toys and wound up going over our 3gb data allowance for the current billing period. I was informed on my online account page that a $15 overage charge would be applied to my bill. I would be able to avoid this charge by adding data to my account for $10. This could be back dated to  avoid charges. The following is copied from my account page:

"You've used all the data in your plan. Extra data for this cycle is $15 per 1 GB (for most plans) or save money & upgrade to a larger data plan (usually adds $10). Be sure to backdate your change to avoid overage charges this month."

The $15 charge seems like a punishment rather than a fair charge for data. I couldn't upgrade the data plan online, even if I wanted to, without cancelling  the 3gb upgrade that is already in the system. Why can't the loyalty upgrade be backdated to this billing period? This would be a fairer solution to all the previous events.

I would like to send this to Verizon in an email, but they don't make this possible. I don't know whether reading this to a customer service rep on the phone would have an effect or not. This probably won't either. The only action that would probably make me feel better is to leave Verizon.

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