The Digital Store-Verizon Wireless in Morton IL


I am writing this because yesterday I went into the Verizon Store in Morton Illinois. I normally go to the Corporate store in Bloomington, IL, but because we have had such issues there in the past, I decided to make a change this time. I just want to say THANK YOU! True customer service does actually exist. The people in that store went step by step with me over all the phones I was considering and helped me to choose the right phone for me. The worker there, Quan, treated me and my family like we were family members and friends. I have never had a better experience anywhere else and this store proves that not all phone stores are a complete nightmare to deal with. I got a Galaxy s5 and love the phone, love the plan we got, and overall am a happy customer.

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Re: The Digital Store-Verizon Wireless in Morton IL


If this was a corporate store visit https://survey.verizonwireless.com/vzwsurvey/ to give your commendations to the store. It helps them a lot.