The Best Customer Service Experience EVER.


I have had the best Customer Service EVER with Jenita(I hope I spelled her name correctly)

I believe she deserves an amazing amount of praise for how well she answered all my questions and her professional manner.

She not only took care of my inquiry but also asked me how happy I have been with the Verizon Service Experience, In general. Which for me was very rare (I have been with Verizon for around 10 years)

I have never dealt with anyone like her in absolutely ANY company I have ever called.

Thank You, Again, Jenita.

You give Verizon a good name.

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Re: The Best Customer Service Experience EVER.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I appreciate you sharing this great Customer Servce experience with us Mookystick013. We truly value your long time loyalty and I'm happy to hear of this amazing service you received during your recent contact with Customer Service.

I would definitely like to submit your feedback to Jenita. I am sure she will love reading your kind words. I will send you a Direct Message so I can access your account and locate this representative. I want to make sure the feedback is sent to the correct person.

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Re: The Best Customer Service Experience EVER.

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Customer Reps as Mentioned do exist and I've had some that would match up pretty well to her, But there are also Store Managers and Store Reps that do a Mile of Goodness as well they should be Thanked as well most of the Reps I know have been with not only Verizon but where with Alltel a good many of years as well.. I'm happy to know them all B33