Thanks Verizon!

After years of enjoying Verizon wireless services domestically, apparently I'm dumb enough to ask for a global data feature that cost $25/100MB for just **ONE** country where I transit for a couple of hours **THEN** confirmed **YES** to an SMS message in the destination country that I would be charged $20 per **ONE MEGABYTES** of data transmission which was in my poor recollection was very unlike how it was explained when I inquired about overseas travel.

(Upon landing) As soon as I knew (from my device online billing) that there was a balooning charge, I immediately turned off all my data connectivity.

One phone call to request credit, a rep approved indicating Verizon's err but (apparently) a supervisor denied credit.

A second phone  call one billing cycle later, also a rep approved indicating Verizon's err but apparently a supervisor **again** denied credit.

The third phone call two billing cycles later on billing inquiry was presented the most (finally) a very helpful with the rep explaining the **real** situation, smart-rep, although I regret being a little rude, but that by this time I was already too upset to even appreciate the rep nicely provided. Well... don't I feel dumb for having to go through 3 phone calls where the almighty Verizon is without any faults.

There it is folks.

No credits for unused $25/100MB pro-rated global data + $60-plus for just landing in a foreign airport and turning off the phone immediately.

Thanks Verizon, you have been very appreciate of someone who has been a loyal customer for years over a $60-plus you don't want to credit and with an added bonus that I'm a customer who's dumb enough to want to go with Verizon internationally.

Yep... that's the Verizon Global Data feature folks.

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Re: Thanks Verizon!

Not applicable  their international plan is free data (at edge speeds) and texts (incoming & out bound) and just .20¢ a minute for calls (WiFi calls are totally free)

See if they suit your needs in over 100 countries.

Good Luck


Re: Thanks Verizon!


Welcome to the club!