Terrible Service!


I have terrible coverage in an area that Verizon says is a great coverage area. I have called tech support numerous times only to have to go through the same process of resetting, trying various things. My texts and voice mail messages are coming through up to 4 days after they were sent! Calls are getting dropped, and when they do go through the people on the other end can't hear me. I have replaced my sim card, my phone, and spent hours on the line with tech support only to be told that I'm in a very good coverage area. They have put in a ticket to test the network in my area and the response from that ticket was that this isn't a good coverage area. Now i'm waiting on the results of a second ticket to test the network. When does it end? When will Verizon finally admit that they can't seem to provide the service that I have been paying for? As soon as this phone is paid off I'm switching!

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