Spotty 4G service - Westchester County/New York City, NY


Just putting this out there, wondering if other people are seeing the same, and if Verizon Wireless knows of any issues.  I ride the Hudson line Metro-North train from Croton Harmon (Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520) to New York City (Grand Central Terminal).  Up until the past couple of months, I could get pretty good 4G service on my Jetpack for most of the ride (except of course in the tunnels approaching Grand Central! - will cell companies ever make a deal with MTA to provide service there?)  But over the past couple of months, it's gotten to be terrible.  It drops the signal constantly, meaning that I can't work on the train (which is one of the reasons for having the Jetpack in the first place!)  I get a few minutes of service here and there, but other than that it sucks.  So...anyone else ride Metro-North trains and experience the same thing lately?  VZW - any known issues along this stretch of Westchester County?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Spotty 4G service - Westchester County/New York City, NY

Community Manager
Community Manager


Thank you so much for brining this to our attention. I want to make sure we do everything we can to keep you connected to your work while on the train. Are you having issues while you are on the train or even while you are off the train as well. Have you been able to power the jetpack off and then pull the sim card from the device for a good 10-15 seconds? If not, please try doing that step for us. Then re-test the network to see if you can stay connected. Please keep us posted.


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