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Spoofed Callers


The purpose of my visit to this Verizon website was to find ANY solution to spoof callers. I have Two Verizon cell phones; one is my personal cell and the other is my work phone. I AM REQUIRED to answer every call (within my power) on my work phone. Whether it is when I am driving, working at emergency management, being a parent, and a part-time entrepreneur - I am repeatedly assaulted with sales calls by tricksters with faked numbers. I choose to continue to be a Verizon customer on the personal side, for 16 years now because Verizon has proven to be a leader in technology. However, as a leader in technology, concerted effort to protect your customers should be the immediate goal. I am extremely frustrated that more hasn't/isn't/and probably won't be done to protect customers from the brazen acts of spoofing. Meanwhile, Verizon is advertising the implementation of new 5G technology. Please fix what is broken before moving to the next platform. If you can do 5G, you can prevent callers from faking their number. Those calls should never reach your customers.