Speeds significantly reduced.


I typically don't get any lag when I do video streaming from my home and work but I have noticed that on occassion it has switched to 3G. Even when in LTE the speed isn't good where it would lag/buffer a lot. I performed speed tests using an app and find it shocking that I'm getting less than 5mbps. My coworker's VZW phone matched the speed as well so there is something going on in the area. Didn't the XLTE get launched? This is very unappealing when I am doing T-Mobile's 7day trial.

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Re: Speeds significantly reduced.

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I'm certainly sorry to hear about your 4G speeds.  We pride ourselves in having the fastest and most reliable network. When you're experiencing slower speeds have you tried any troubleshooting?  Restarting your device?  I would also text device in safe mode.  What are the speeds that you're getting currently at home and work?  We'd love to improve this for you and keep you as a valued Verizon Wireless customer. 

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