Slow data since unlimited plan


I am sick of paying almost a car payment a month for such poor service. My 4g speeds have gone down since Verizon brought back the unlimited plans, now I rarely see over 1MBPS this morning the fastest I get is 740KBPS, I am tired of talking to Verizon and having them tell me to do this or that to my phone when literally I am sitting at the office with 10 other guys and they are all having the same issue, news flash Verizon it’s not our phones its your overtaxed network. I understand I live and work in a rural part of Florida and the customer base isn’t large enough to expand your network but people in rural areas only way to get highspeed internet is through wireless carriers and when Verizon brought out their unlimited plan people snatched them up and have bogged down the network Verizon doesn’t want to upgrade to handle the traffic.

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Re: Slow data since unlimited plan


It's sad how many people are having this problem, including me. I was lied to when I switched to unlimited. They told me that I would have unlimited data with a 22gig data cap before throttling. Yet my data got slower almost instantly and now that I am researching it I see that thet have 2 tiers of unlimited and that I do not get 22 gigs of high speed but that I can be throttled at any time which from the looks of things is all the time. Over $200 a month for speeds that usually feel like 3g is pathetic. I think it's time that I start checking other carriers for better options. This is how Verizon treats their loyal customers. I have been a Verizon customer for at least 14 years I think my original Droid phone had better data speeds than what I get now.