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Should I leave Verizon with one month left on my contract so I can upgrade? The ETF seems worth it considering the bad customer service I received and how long I've been with Verizon.

I've been with Verizon for a really long time and one of the best things about their upgrades was that they used to allow you to do it a little early.  And since you dont really keep up with plan changes until a new phone comes out or you are closer to your upgrade eligibility date, I didnt realize that they changed this.  My phone is on its last leg.  2 years is a long time for a device that you use every day, 50 times a day.  My upgrade date is a month away and I'm considering moving to a different service and letting them pay for my ETF.  I have called Verizon asking if there was anything they could do to allow me to upgrade early and they said no.  When did this start happening?  They tried to sell me the "Edge" but thats the same as paying 700 dollars.

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