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As far as I am aware, the contract for the two phones on our plan is over on the 17th of this month. So in just a few days. The billing cycle as listed on the My Verizon app says that it ends on the 22nd of this month. My question is, as long as I cancel on or after the 17th but prior to the 22nd, will I not have to pay an early termination fee as well as not having to pay for another month? So in a nutshell, is the 17th through 22nd my window of opportunity to leave seamlessly? Thanks for any help.

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Re: Service Termination Question

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That would be best as you would be starting a new cycle on your bill) one thing to remember even though you plan goes month to month on or after the 17th it will continue and for any uses that you use you will be billed for it and one other thing to remember is that on our bills there always a month behind meaning that for the month of Feb. your paying for the month of January..  so you may incur some prorated cost on your Final bill..

The best way to find out what will take place once you decide to close your accounts is to call customer service as they can look at your account total the cost and then make the final closing...  

Hope this Helps: customer services Number is  1-800-922-0204 use option 4 or you can call *611  Good Luck b33